Showzee is a new visual platform to showcase your talents & interests and connect with likeminded people.

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Showcase your talents & interests.
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The Creatives...

Web & Graphic Design, Photography, Motion Graphics, Video Editing

The product & design team seeks perfection in every pixel and strives to make Showzee a truly beautiful platform for our users.

The Architects...

Front End, Back End, iOS, Android, Security, DevOps, Software Engineering

At the heart of Showzee are the engineers, the team that builds the foundations of the platform and solves complex problems in innovative ways.

The Politicians...

HR, Recruitment, Project Management

Finding and managing talented people is the cornerstone of a happy and motivated team, which creates a world changing product…awesome!

The Empire-Builders...

Business Strategy, Growth, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Public Relations, Sales, Monetisation

These are the people that bring Showzee to the world’s attention by driving growth, inspiring our users and constantly looking towards the future.

The Translators...

Data Science, Algorithms, Machine Learning, Analytics

Understanding why things happen the way they do is important for us to continue innovating Showzee from the ground up and bring our users more amazing experiences every day.

The Mathematicians...

Accounting, Financial Forecasting, Admin

People on the finance team enjoy the instability of a balance sheet, the uncertainty of a financial forecast and most importantly, keep us smooth sailing :)

Working at Showzee

The Showzee team is building a global platform around talents & interests and we're looking for creative & dynamic people to join us.

We're always on the look out for these skills:

We'd love to chat to you about the project, so if you're interested in working with us, please don't hesitate to contact us below.

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